Wifi Networks

Wifi (wireless fidelity) is a means of accessing internet without the use of cables. Wi-Fi allows you to connect several mobile devices at once, anywhere in your property, garden or outbuildings. You don’t need to install extra phone lines or cables.

Millennium Group TV have already to date installed many WiFi networks in peoples houses, hotels, gyms, holiday homes, outbuildings, nursing homes, hospital accommodation blocks and many other properties. Kenny will design the system to your individual needs, supply, install and demonstrate the equipment which gives you peace of mind that the network is ideal for you.

Wifi networks are very popular as they provide convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of use with mobile devices which come equipped with all necessary wireless technology to enable ease of connection.

Telephone extensions and Internet Points

Millennium Group TV can discreetly extend your telephone line in rooms around your home or business to a more convenient place. We can also give you an internet point where you choose, making communication easier than ever. We have many years of experience and Kenny can advise you on positioning of access points and extensions to suit your own needs.


Call Millennium Group TV today and we will help you have the system you want at a very reasonable price!

Advantages of Wifi

Convenience – WiFi networks allow users to access the internet from convenient locations within signal range of their router.

Mobility – Mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops can be moved around whilst still accessing the internet without interruption.

Productivity – Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a constant connection their desired network as they move from place to place. For a business, this means that an employee can potentially be more productive as his or her work can be accomplished from any convenient location.

More flexible than a wired system – gives access to places where it is difficult or even impossible to run cabling eg in a garden room or new extension.

Expandability – Wireless networks can be easily extended unlike wired connections which need inconvenient cables everywhere.

Cost – wireless networks are more cost efficient than wired systems as running cables and installing internet points incur higher prices.