Wireless Alarm Systems

Millennium Group will design, supply and install a wireless alarm system that is ideal for your property or business. During consultation Kenny will assess your specific needs so you get exactly the system you want and need. Whether it’s to protect farm buildings, a workshop or your home and garden a wireless alarm will give you peace of mind from theft or vandalism.

At Millennium Group we take pride in all our work and will ensure you are always fully satisfied with our attitude, helpfulness and technical knowledge.

Advantages of a Millennium Group Wireless Alarm System
  • One of the top advantages of a wireless alarm system is that it does not require the intrusive installation of a wired alarm. Wired alarms need electrical installation – circuit testing, electrical leads, wire-stripping – and also physical installation of many wires from room to room.
  • Wireless systems are unobtrusive, easily expandable and are upgradable. Since each component of your system is wireless, it is easy to remove one part and replace it for an upgraded model. We can also supply additional sensors or add on new features, like video monitoring, after the system has been installed. None of this is easy with a wired alarm.
  • Our wireless systems are battery powered. Some wired systems have battery backup, these are only emergency measures that deplete quickly. Wireless systems are designed to function on battery power only (or primarily). Most systems will prompt you to check the batteries on a regular basis so you won’t be caught with an unpowered system. Battery power also means that even if an invader cuts your power lines or there is a power cut your system is still fully protected.
  • Top of the range wireless systems can easily communicate over hundreds of feet – more than double the range of a basic wired system. This makes it easier to secure even far-flung property (like a detached garage or outbuildings or farm buildings that sit away from the main house). And if you live on acreage, several wired systems can be linked together to create a comprehensive security net over your entire property.
Other steps can be taken to protect your property from vandalism and theft.
They include:
  • Use an external motion sensor floodlight. When installed at a height of least 2.5m above ground level the light will be tamper proof. Keep it away from your boiler flue as steam can activate the sensor. The sudden triggering of a bright light is a deterrent to intruders.
  • Treat drain pipes, fences and roofs with anti-burglar paint. It’s oily and slippery, making the surface very difficult to climb. By law, you can only apply it 2m or more above the ground and you have to put up a warning sign.
  • Display prominent signage to warm potential thieves that your property is protected by an alarm system – it serves to deter opportunist theft.
  • Keep all entrance gates bolted and use maximum security padlocks. Lock sheds and garages securely to protect tools from thieves. These buildings can also be included in a wireless alarm system where appropriate. Where this is not possible single room or standalone alarms give you added security.
  • Never leave ladders out at night. Fences or strong trellises can make decent ladders for burglars. It’s best not to have a trellis near your house. Use fence panels that cannot be easily climbed.
  • Make sure hedges and fences at the front of the house are kept low so intruders can’t use them as cover.
  • Plant thick or prickly bushes under windows as a deterrent.